Art Order Challenge Levi the Bone Whistle Corpsman

I follow this website for freelance fantasy artist called The Art Order. It is quite an awesome website and frequently they will have challenges for artist to create illustrations where an actual art director will critique and judge the pieces submitted. They recently posted a challenge called Levi the Bone Whistle Corpsman, which is supposed to depict a balding 30 something year old grave digger, Levi, and his skeleton father. They asked for sketches to be submitted first and then a final illustration to be submitted. I was a little nervous because I have never done an Art Order challenge before and they are quite intimidating, but I said what the hey and decided to try it out. The worst that could happen is I get bashed by a fantastic well known art director,  but atleast they’ll see my work haha!! So first up is my initial thumbnails sketches.

I got some decent feedback on #3 so decided to push that one a bit further

You can see this sketch as well as some pretty amazing fantasy art on this other website that is linked to Art Order, WIPnation

Stay tuned for more Levi updates!!


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