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Mario and Thor Update

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Hello! I have been working on my Mario Hatrack, which is just about finished. I really like the way this one turned out. I think it is really fun and cool looking, and the metal hat looks awesome.  I will probably post this up on RedBubble soon but want to figure out a back ground and tweak it a bit more.

And still plugging along on my Thor illustration. Worked on his face a bit today and added a bit more detail.


Mario and Thor

Posted in Art, artist, hat rack, Illustrations, lightning, Men, super hero, super mario, thor with tags , , , , , , , , on June 20, 2012 by billifrench

Hello! I have been working a few different projects recently. The first one is basically what Super Mario’s hat rack may look like if he was an everyday fellow. This is just the black and white outline so far and will post the color as I go along. My boyfriend had this awesome idea, and wants to maybe turn it in to a tattoo which would  be so awesome.


The second is a new line of art that I am starting of all superheroes because superheroes are the coolest. This is the Mighty Thor (he is my favorite). Just the black and white so far, to set in some values.


Spock – Live Long and Prosper

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Hello Everyone! I have unfortunately been so busy with work that I haven’t given myself enough blogging time. But I am going to try to be posting more frequently, at least every Wednesday now. I just uploaded this bad boy on to, you can buy it as either a sticker, teeshirt, print, or iPhone case. It is my tribute to the amazing Spock. He is just the coolest fictional character of all time. I hope you enjoy, and I promise to blog more often to keep you all updated on my current artwork!!