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C is for Cerastes

Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, Monster with tags , on August 6, 2011 by billifrench

I had a hard time doing this monster, Cerastes, because I am terrified of snakes!!! But when I read about a horned serpent, I knew I had to get it a shot, even if all the references I was looking at almost scared me away.  I faced my fear and present to you my version of the deadly Cerastes.



Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, Men, Monster with tags , on August 1, 2011 by billifrench

I follow this really incredible artist, Christopher Burdett, who draws mainly monsters, and draws them incredibly well. A little while ago on his blog he drew a monster for every letter of the alphabet, which I thought was a great idea. I bought this book, Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth, which unfortunately hasn’t been delivered yet but it has descriptions of different types of monsters. I got to briefly skim through the pages and came across the monster, Acephalos, which will be my letter A! An acephalos, is a greek monster that resembles a headless human with eyes and a scary mouth in the middle of its’ chest. Are you frightened yet?


Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, little elves, Men, Monster with tags , , on July 28, 2011 by billifrench

Dobby from Harry Potter is the just best little fellow and makes me cry whenever I think about him. I did a quick sketch of the little guy to show my appreciation.

“You shall not harm HARRY POTTER!!”

Finished Albert Band

Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, Men with tags on March 4, 2011 by billifrench

I finished the digital copy of my Albert Enstein Band. Take a look!


If Albert Einstein had a band…

Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, Men, still life with tags on February 8, 2011 by billifrench

This is another still life drawing that I had to do for one of my classes.  I placed three tiny figurines together to look like your typical band album cover. If only Einstein really did have a band….. They’d be great live because they’d have a lot of energy!! get it?!?! 🙂


Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, still life on February 6, 2011 by billifrench

For one of my classes, I had to do a still life drawing with color pencil. I was looking around the house at objects to try to put together an interesting still life when I came to the obvious conclusion that my mom collects a TON of chicken decorations. All of these little egg fellows sort of resemble each other so I thought they would go together nicely in a drawing as a tribute to my mother, chickens, and eggs. Everybody loves eggs.


Reptile Monster Thing

Posted in Animals, Art, Illustrations, Monster on January 21, 2011 by billifrench

A quick sketch I did today, some sort of reptilely monster thing. For some reason this fellow came pretty easily for me and that made me happy.