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Collage and Advertisement

Posted in Art, Illustrations, Men, paintings, plants with tags on April 12, 2011 by billifrench

I had to make a collage for one of my classes. First we made an actual collage and then we had to turn it into a digital image through Photoshop.

Also had to create an advertisement for a made up company. Introducing the yummy sandwich shop… Mm Mm Sammies!!


Celery Man

Posted in Art, Illustrations, Men, plants on January 19, 2011 by billifrench

Celery Man! He is kinda creepy but I kinda like him.  I drew him while looking at an old gardening book that, from the look of the pictures, was published probably in the 70s. It’s just the outline and I will add more detail and color to hopefully today but thought I would post this for now.