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Posted in Art, artist, comic, Illustrations, ink, super hero with tags , , , , , , on January 2, 2013 by billifrench

Hello! I have been very busy with work so unfortunately have not had the time to post. I have been working on a lot of art though! I love comic books, and have always wanted to create my own comic. I finally got the courage to create my own. This is basically just a one page comic to get me started. It is a lot trickier than what I thought but so far I am fairly satisfied with what I am doing. I found this amazing book about drawing comic books digitally, The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting in to comic art. It is very informative and helpful.

Here is what I have been working on so far. The script has not been put in yet, but will be placed in there when I am finished inking.

Too-Bad-1Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.07.46 PMScreen Shot 2012-11-14 at 5.26.28 PM