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Working on coloring in Thor today and I think I am just about done with it. I am really happy with the way this one turned out so far because I think it has the comic book feel that I was going for and when I put the color in there I think it came together very nicely. I am excited to do the rest of this series, stay tuned for my next superhero, HULK!!!!



Mario and Thor

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Hello! I have been working a few different projects recently. The first one is basically what Super Mario’s hat rack may look like if he was an everyday fellow. This is just the black and white outline so far and will post the color as I go along. My boyfriend had this awesome idea, and wants to maybe turn it in to a tattoo which would ┬ábe so awesome.


The second is a new line of art that I am starting of all superheroes because superheroes are the coolest. This is the Mighty Thor (he is my favorite). Just the black and white so far, to set in some values.